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Benn's Studio is a recording company that has a long history in the music industry, especially in Sabah. Quality work is often a priority for all aspects of music.

BENN’S STUDIO is a subsidiary or subsidiary of the studio

production owned and controlled by JOZEL ENTERTAINMENTS SDN. BHD.

Benn’s Studio, which was established on April 4, 2007, was initially registered

through the Recording, Photography and Equipment Studio business (License ID: REG

412/2007). The business location at that time was located in Kota Belud, Sabah. Benn’s Studio runs a variety

creative arts industry activities such as recording studios, filming, film production

short, music video, special effects (VFX/GFX), animation (Animated), corporate video, studio

photography and convo photography.

Benn’s Studio has extensive experience in conducting related activities

with the creative arts industry in Sabah. Armed with skilled workers at work

in this production, i.e. the crews who are quite a few people

experienced and often involved directly or indirectly with production-

well -known production, especially in Sabah.

Benn’s Studio, aspires to be a production that will be one

contributors to the creative arts industry in general in Malaysia and in particular in

Sabah. Along with the advancement of technology available today, Benn’s Studio

also intends to be among the only productions that produce quality video

the best. In addition, Benn’s Studio continues to produce and publish works-

quality work, in addition, finding and diversifying talent in a variety

different music genres in the future.

Our Vision

Being a production that has high innovation in the creative industry
can produce the best products as well as be productive production and
remains relevant.

Our Mission

a. Prioritize the quality of work that is of high quality and relevant to
technological developments as well as current needs.

b. Provide the best and beneficial service to the community

c. Making the media as a medium for the delivery of accurate information
to society, especially among the younger generation.

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